Development Options is a product development-consulting group. Unlike most consultants, we not only advise you of the solutions that best fit your needs, we also execute these ideas to yield positive returns on your investments. We help our customers get their product to market faster. How do we do this? We listen to your project challenges, we learn about your objectives and concerns, we put together a plan to meet your goals and then we supply the talent to get the job done. Development Options is backed by over $60 Million dollars of manufacturing. Our parent companies; Accelerated Technologies, Omega Plastics and Armstrong Mold have over 400 people ready to implement your project plan. We have been working together for years and have formalized our relationship with a new company - Development Options. Together we provide the convenience of single sourcing backed by the power of companies considered "Best in Class" in their core industry.
Feel free to go to the links and explore each company. You will see that we have the expertise and horsepower ready to apply to your specific needs. You may need something as straight forward as a SLA/SLS model to check form and fit or you may need to have fully functional units for field testing. We are able to go from one end of the product development spectrum to the next and beyond. If time to market is important and you are looking for the most time & cost effective path then you need to contact us to set up a visit with a Development Options consultant.

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